Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Interviewed Times 2

The Book Connection spotlights books and Book Tours and More spotlights authors. Or is that the other way around? Nevertheless, I'm on both blogs today with the same interview.

The Book Connection - Spotlight on Ultimate Duty

Book Tours and More - Spotlight on Marva Dasef

Please visit the blogs and leave comments. That's why these hardworking book feature/review sites do all the heavy lifting. They want your eyeballs. So give them a click and a comment.

In the distant future (before the Mayan End of Time date), Cheryl Malandrios will also review my YA fantasy, "Bad Spelling." It's the first book in The Witches of Galdorheim Series. All of them should be released before the Mayan End of Time, so you'll have the opportunity to read them.

In the meantime, if you enjoy kid's books, visit Childrens and Teens Book Connection. You'll find lots of good information and reviews for the younger set, and the authors who write for them.

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