Sunday, May 08, 2011

UPDATE: Mixed Bag II Now in Print

It's pretty easy to make a print book. Not many people buy them, and I don't spend time advertising them, but as long as ereaders aren't owned by everybody in the world, there will be a reason for printed books.

I got a fairly decent cover for the print version out of CreateSpace. It's the first time I used their cover creator. I thought it quite flexible and even the artistically challenged, such as yours truly, can whomp up a nice cover.

Matter of fact, I liked it enough, that I've put in on my ebooks of the same book content.

It will be a few days until the print edition is available, but I can already show the cover to the left. Click on it! You don't have to buy, but it might earn me a penny or so just for having you click. That's how this monetizing thing works. The more you click on my blog (including those adverts you see over in the right column), the more I can earn.

A little science fiction, a bit of fantasy, plenty of humor, and some really shocking horror. These are tales to suit any mood. Most stories in this book were previously published in on-line or print publications. The author is re-issuing the stories since an editor somewhere liked them enough to publish them in the first place.

Fish Story - Science Fiction
The Vision - Horror/Fantasy
Chilpequin 22 Miles - Fantasy
Coward - Horror
Heather's Pain - LitFic
The Delegate - SciFi
No Deposit, No Return - LitFic
Taxman - Humor
The Country Faire - Horror
Fair's Fair - Fantasy
If You Could See Her - Romance
Ma 'Yote and Her Cubs - Nostalgia LitFic
Invasion - Horror
The Cursed Valley - Fantasy
Shasta Lake - LitFic
Big Bessie's Place - LitFic
The Hunter - Horror
The Great Writing Competition - SciFi
A Good, Honest Dog - Non-fic
A Visit to Potter's Field - Fantasy
Extraordinary Rendition - LitFic
Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo - Alterate History
Lemons - Children
Neighborly - LitFic
A Grab Bag of Drabbles

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