Monday, September 23, 2013

Penny Estelle's Wickware Time Travel Saga

I am so excited to be invited on Marva's blog today to talk about my series, The Wickware Sagas and … dum da dum dum...Time Travel!

The Wickware Sagas, in a nutshell, is about a 7th/8th grade history teacher, Miss Wickware, and the assignment of an oral report due on the historical subject or event that is drawn from a box.

Somehow...some way, a few of her students have found themselves back in time, up close and personal, meeting his/her drawn subject. The million dollar question is how do these kids go from 21st Century back to the 14th, 17th, or 18th Century? The students are pretty close-mouthed on the subject.

Story on the street points to Miss Wickware, herself. Lights flicker, her eyes flash, electricity runs down her arms, sparking at her finger nails. Nobody sees these strange phenomenons except the chosen student!

Does Miss Wickware possess magical powers? Is she a witch? From another planet? Maybe just a teacher who is passionate about history and has a few tricks up her sleeves. Who knows.... Maybe those students ate something that didn't agree with them and they all had nightmares. Doesn't sound too likely.

As I said before – nobody's talking!

* * * *

I am very thankful to MuseItUp Publishing for taking a chance with The Wickware Sagas. The first three books are out. Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare, Book 1 - Ride of a Lifetime, Book 2, and Flash to the Past, Book 3. Bumped Back In Time and Riches to Rags will be out soon and hopefully, by Christmas, all five stories will be combined in print form for Volume One of the Wickware Sagas.

I also have two other middle grade stories out and three adult stories. More about myself and my stories can be found....


The fourth book in the series is coming out this Friday. Be sure to check it out.

Miss Wickware is a 7/8th grade history teacher at Langdon Middle School whom, some say, can make unexplainable, weird, magical things happen.  Rumor has it that certain students have actually experienced time travel, finding themselves, nose to nose, with the subject they had drawn from a box during class.  They were expected to do research on said subject and then present an oral report.  There is no proof but there are stories of William Tell, Sybil Ludington, and Molly Pitcher, being a few of the historical heroes that have been involved in this, so-called, time travel.

Sammy Brown, winner of the first junior sailing regatta for kids, ages twelve to fourteen, is about to become a member of the above, elite group.  When she ends up in the nineteenth century, it's her expertise with a sailboat that enables her and one of the most famous poets in American history, to rescue a Doctor being held prisoner, and lands her square in the middle of a famous American battle.

Bumped Back In Time is Book 4 in the Wickware Sagas and is to be released on September 27.  If you preorder, there is a 20% discount.

I would love to offer one of my stories in the Wickware Sagas to somebody that leaves a comment. Your choice of story and format. Thanks so much for stopping!


  1. Thanks, Penny. Congratulation on the latest book in the Wickware Sagas. Folks, it's on discounted pre-order right now at MuseItUp.

    1. Hey Marva....thanks so much for letting me part of your time travel month. It's been awesome so far!

  2. Wow, Penny, you are doing fantastic getting these great stories out. Wouldn't it be nice to have the print version of all five together in time for a Christmas gift for the YA group. And such wonderful stories to be enjoyed by all. Congratulations.

    1. Hey Lorrie...thanks for stopping. I sure hope it will be out for the holidays! I appreciate you wonderful words!

  3. Penny, your stories sound like so much fun! Congrats on your upcoming release, and keep 'em coming!

    1. Thanks so much Pat. It so nice of you to say!