Sunday, November 02, 2014

November Events

MISSING, ASSUMED DEAD ebook will be free on Amazon November 8th and 9th

November 11th - Veteran's Day - Win a free ebook and audio book of TALES OF A TEXAS BOY.

I visit Cheryl Carpinello's Blog Hop on November 19th.

I'll be giving away free audio books throughout the month when the mood strikes me. Here's what you could win if you play your cards right:

Many of my books are free to KindleUnlimited subscribers. Here's what's free on KU:

Every weekend this month, collect a free ebook from Amazon:
  • 8th-9th - Missing, Assumed Dead
  • 15th-16th - The Tales of Abu Nuwas - Setara's Genie
  • 22nd-23rd - Quest for the Simurgh - Faizah's Destiny
  • 29th-30th - Lemons and Fish Story
November 27th is not only Thanksgiving, but my mother's 91st Birthday. I'll do something special for this. To be determined.

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