Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Favorite Reads in 2014

Nothing like year-end lists, right? Here are the top 11 books I read this year. I probably could have added a couple more. If I read more than one book by an author, I've included only the highest rated one. Also, the books are not in the order of precedence, but of when I read them. The only grouping is by number of stars.

The Labors of Ki-shto-ba Huge Head Volume 6 Lorinda J. Taylor
 I'm a Termite Lover for Life

DEAD....If Only (The Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries Book 4) Heather Haven
Madcap Detective Lea Alvarez Strikes Again

Just a Smidgeon of Magic Charlotte Henley Babb
 Much More than a Smidgen

Side Trip Renee Duke
 Both Fun and Danger Mix
Trial by Ordeal: Valda and the Valkyries Book 1 Mark Neumayer
 As Charming as How to Train Your Dragon

Energize (From the Logs of Daniel Quinn Book 1) Thomas R. Manning
 Great Hard SF Story

 Who Doesn't Like a Mage War?

Elspeth, the Living Dead Girl Stuart West
A Dynamic Duo of Deadly Dames

Waiting for Shadow: Tracking Jane Prequel Eduardo Suastegui
 Rooting for Jane and Shady

Fear the Light William Massa
Mystery Mixed with Paranormal


  1. So glad my Side Trip made the list! Thanks, Marva.

  2. Hey, my teen girls made the list! Thanks much, oh, Cellophane Queen.

  3. Dear Cellophane Queen, this is wonderful. Thank you very much for including DEAD....If Only.

  4. Thanks for supporting my writing! Now if I can just get the creative juices flowing again ...

  5. Enjoyed your list of best books of 2014. I look forward to reading some of them.