Friday, June 03, 2016

Nice Review from Dave Higgins

Dave Higgins is an excellent  reviewer. You should read all his reviews and not just because he likes my book (though that's plenty important). He posts reviews to his blog, which you should follow. Dave also writes speculative fiction. He serializes his books which makes it a little hard to keep up with, but it's worth the effort. - Dave: Please put Seven Stones, Book 1 for sale somewhere.

NOTE: Ultimate Duty will be #free on Amazon from June 4th-6th. I extended the free days so others will also have the opportunity to review this book. That IS the point of giveaways in case you thought it was just to download a book to hide away on your e-reader and never bother to read. Just sayin'.

Dave Higgins' Review of Ultimate Duty

Combining an interesting set of social and scientific advances with engaging characters, Dasef creates a spy thriller set against an intriguing galactic empire.
Nearly everyone on Arcadia works in either the ore mines, or the ore processing plant. But Remy Belieux wants more than a life of industrial labour in exchange for the guarantee of a job for life. Not wanting the equal tedium of crewing a merchant craft or rising through corporate bureaucracy, she joins the Space Service; the military arm of the galactic government. Skilled in martial arts, her first posting is the covert escort of a rebel leader; a man who claims he merely wants to reform the same system that makes Remy’s parents de facto slaves; and who wants her to join him.

Read the rest of the review on Dave's Wordpress site.

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  1. Glad you liked the review.

    I released the second Seven Stones collection on Friday. People can find a link to their favourite retailer here:

    Volume 1

    Volume 2