Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seven Stones: Alone No More (Seven Stones #1)Seven Stones: Alone No More by Dave Higgins
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I'm quite enjoying this series. Well, let's call it more like a set of episodes. The only problem with the Seven Stones Vol. 1 is that I thought it would contain more, um, material. It's really a novelette with the first few chapters of the series.

But, Dave Higgins is offering free reads on the series on his website. I do like writers to make a bit of pocket change from their books, so I paid the Amazon's going price for this. I really wish it either contained more (like volume 2) or was priced lower (like 99 cents).

Nevertheless, I will be reading the continuing adventures of Reverend Kobb.

Read the entire series free, one episode at a time at

Thank you, Dave, for giving us some neat sword and sorcery for free. I'd encourage everybody to buy at least one of the volumes just so Dave can get a few cents from his efforts.

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