Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Decent Christmas Present

I'm still selling "Tales of a Texas Boy" in Kindle ebook format for 99 cents until the end of this month. That's a decent Christmas present because the giftee can look up the book and by Christmas time, it will be priced at $2.99. See, you appear to be more generous than you actually are.

You can get even BIGGER Kristmas Karma by also getting your giftee the accompanying audio book. If you buy the ebook, the audio book is only $1.99. It says $6.95 on Audible, so you're still viewed as a generous soul.

Now, if you really want to wow your giftee, buy either the Large Print paperback or the trade-size paperback. If you get those, you can actually wrap it up in pretty paper and add a stick-on bow.

So, what does all this set you back? Depends on your choices. Here they are for your later than Black Friday perusal. Hey, how about Cyber Monday?

Ebook: 99 cents through November 30th ($2.99 after the sale)

Photo Illustrated Ebook: Also 99 cents through November 30th ($2.99 after the sale)

Audiobook Addon: $1.99 always when you buy the ebook at any price.

Large Print (very popular with seniors) Paperback: $8.99
* I'm also a vendor (Texas Boy Publications) selling this book for $4.99 + $3.99 S/H and you get a signed copy)

Regular Size Print trade paperback: $6.99 (might take a day or two for this discounted price to appear)

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