Friday, November 18, 2016

Cheap Way to Give a Gift to Crazy Aunt Mabel

Black Friday comes a week early on my blog. AND my offer is #FREE! Take that you merciless retail stores! Ha!

I have gifted my books all over creation and further. Some people just didn't pick up their gifted book. I guess they didn't know they could just take the credit and buy something else. Since those credits are now in my account (that'll teach the ingrates!), I can only give them away in the form of a gift audio book.

They'll just sit there all shivering and lonely like puppies chained up in the snow UNLESS you want me to use one to buy you a special book. That's where Aunt Mabel comes in. She always knits you a scarf or hotpad, but you really have no idea what to give her for the Holiday Gifting Season. An audio book of "Tales of a Texas Boy" or "Missing, Assumed Dead" might tickle her fancy.

Pick an audio book you'd like to try out from the pix below. You can also click the link to go to to read the description of each book.

Let me know which one you'd like and give me your email address so I can send it to you. This offer ends when I run out of credits at Leave a comment expressing your interest (on blogger, G+ or Facebook) in a free audio book. Tell me some way to contact you (PM or an email address). I'm sure I have enough credits to accommodate everybody.

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