Sunday, August 20, 2017

KWL Advice

No, that's not a new, hip way of indicating goodness, but the initials of the Kobo Writing Life blog. Since a lot of writers self-pub on Kindle, they may not be aware that Kobo also has a self-publishing platform. Introducing their blog, here's a bit of one of their latest tip posts and the link to the site.

The 6 Most Common Writing Mistakes That Are Missed When Editing
(Shared by implicit permission from the KWL blog site)
By Freddie Tubbs
Grammar and punctuation can be tricky subjects to master, even for the most experienced writers and editors. But they can make a huge difference in the impact your writing has and the authority you demand. If you’re highly knowledgeable about a topic, but the grammar is not spot-on, your credibility on the subject can suffer overall. Ensure you aren’t making these common writing mistakes by keeping a close eye out for them while editing.

Incorrect prepositions

Prepositions are those words used to describe the relationship between two words in a sentence, and they often confuse writers and editors. To the untrained eye, these errors may go unnoticed. But for someone with knowledge of their use, they will be picked up on immediately. If you’re unsure about which preposition to use, State of Writing can be an excellent resource to tap for some help.
Incorrect: Mary was unable to download her photos, because her phone wouldn’t connect with her computer.
Correct: Mary was unable to download her photos, because her phone wouldn’t connect to her computer.
Freddie Tubbs is an eLearning project manager from Fort Myers, Florida. He works as a language researcher at UK Top Writers and is a contributing author at The Atlantic.

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