Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Review: In the Spirit of Murder

In the Spirit of Murder (Claudia Hershey, #1)In the Spirit of Murder by Laura Belgrave
My rating:  4 of 5 stars
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Writing B+
Characters B
Plot C

Laura Belgrave's writing is good enough for me to want to read more of this series. That's a big reason to always try another book by a writer when one book leaves you a bit cold, but a second or third might be the best thing since sliced cake.

The problem with this particular book would require me to divulge a huge spoiler, but I'll just say that the conclusion would be in a list of tropes to avoid. Up to that point, it was a great read.

Too bad, because there are many things to like about the writing. I'd recommend the author, if not this book in particular. I'm definitely eyeing the next book in the series, "Quietly Dead."

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