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Review: Song of the Robin

Song of the Robin (Sarah Macintyre #1)Song of the Robin by R.V. Biggs
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I read this book without actually choosing it like I would normally. I met Mr. Biggs on a Forum and he mentioned Song of the Robin was up on NetGalley. I was an approved NetGalley reader, so thought I'd give it a go.

The title is not conducive to selecting this book. Sounds kind of romance-y and not my thing at all. It starts like a contemporary romance, but I proceeded.

Then the book became a mysterious tale of a woman, Sarah, who begins to see visions, flashes of things that looked vaguely familiar, like the tall man who keeps showing up in weird places, then disappearing again. Sarah is perplexed by this stalker, particular since he's transparent sometimes. She begins to doubt her own sanity as more strange occurrences plague her life. She goes home from work and discovers that nothing of hers is in her house. She figures her no-good husband has tossed all her things in the rubbish.

She reveals some of the strange occurrences to her best friend, Rachel, but hesitates to put too much of a paranormal spin on what's going on. After all, she wasn't crazy or was she?

So the reader is slowly dragged into Sarah's visions changing the contemporary romance into something far more sinister. She sees herself in two realities, skipping through time and place without knowing how she got to where and when she is.

There is a little bit too long segment in the book on her life story. When that began and carried on for several pages I became impatient to get back to the crazy hallucinations plaguing Sarah. Eventually, we the readers are given enough information to suss out what has happened to Sarah. It's weird and imaginative story telling which I accidentally stumbled on via NetGalley and I'm quite glad I did.

Still, Mr. BIggs, think about cutting a little bit out of that middle sections (you know the one) because the pace begins to lag and you might very well lose some readers. That's my only niggling complaint.

I will be posting this review on GoodReads as I do with every book I read in its entirety.

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