Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Now on Amazon

The only way to put a book on Amazon from Smashwords is when you have earned $2000 in sales (dollars, not Krone) through Smashwords via the distributor that just take the book and hope for the best.

So, you gotta me again Amazon. Fortunately, my files for Smashwords tucked nicely into KDP with only removing the reference to Smashwords (which SW requires). So, presenting ASIN B07WSH63N7 (drum roll please):

In a few days, I'll run either a five-day for free or countdown deal. It's on KDP, but as soon as I've used that pitiful marketing technique I'm unchecking that KDP renewal box. It just has not been worth the trouble. It's certainly not worth the trouble on this compilation of the four books and one short story which is all she (meaning me) wrote.

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