Saturday, August 01, 2020

Coming Soon! The Penultimate Time Rose Book by Renee Duke.

The latest and (sob) last book should be out today (August 1st) or at least soon. Publishers, yanno?

Anyway, it is the grand finale of the Time Rose time travel series for kids and those of us who always like MG/YA books over the nasty old adult scribbles.

Until the book is in my hot Kindle and I've had a chance to review it, I'm going to show my reviews for the first five of the books in the series. I'm just grabbing my reviews from Goodreads. I encourage you to check out the entire series if you're a history buff who's a kid at heart. Here's my review for the first in the series. I'll be putting all the reviews up here until I get to GENERATIONS FIVE!!!!!

The Disappearing Rose by Renee Duke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Generally, I liked this book. It was well-written and nicely edited. The history behind the story is fascinating. It sent me off to the internet to research the historical characters. I also liked the description of the Tower being accurate and the up-to-date discovery of Richard III's skeleton. If they allowed a half stars, it would have been 4-1/2, not just 4.

What we didn't get is the danger and running and fighting the bad guys which should be in an MG level book. We don't need bloody and gory, but a bit more in the way of close calls. The future kids should have spent a little time in the dungeon strapped to a torture device or have to fight off the bad guys using a wall sconce in the tower. The worst thing that happens (besides the imminent danger to the two princes) is the future kids might get caught by their grandma as they pop in and out of time.

A little more action and danger would definitely bring this book up to 4 stars. Edited: Rounding up to four rather than down to three is more fair.

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