Friday, September 25, 2020

Big Sell Off - Everything Going to Kindle Unlimited

I've had my ebooks on the Smashwords interface for umpteen years. Generally, I thought it was a good place to keep copies in different formats which I could give away via pricing to $0 or by coupons dropping the prices to various levels.

Guess what? Very few people give a rat's butt. I'd make the books free and hand out coupons in wads. Very few took me up on the offer.

The other part of Smashwords is distribution. Every single one of my books qualified for distribution to around 20 or so sites, including Amazon! Sales from any external sites have also been zip.

Given the lack of interest, I'm unpublishing all of my books from Smashwords. I'm doing this so I can re-enroll all of the books in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. Every quarter I can put each book on sale for free or whatever I'm inclined to do. Also, people who have ponied up their money to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited program can download them free within the program if they want. I don't get anything for this except some token amount if pages are actually read. It doesn't amount to much, but when I did have books available through KU, I made more money on page reads than I did from Smashwords.

Of course, I have copies of the files which I will send to individuals if they want to read a book (and review it, I hope).

So, here comes KU/KOLL for my entire catalog. Who knows? Maybe somebody will read a couple of pages. I'll update the KU/KOLL page (it will be up top of this blog) to include all the correct links and prices.

There. My life is now much easier. I don't need to worry about people who don't exist. That is, people who don't read my books no matter what.

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  1. I use Draft2Digital and get occasional sales through other outlets, mainly Apple. Have had some books with KU/KOL for about 4 months. So far one person has read using KOL and there have been no sales at all. Good luck!