Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Little Dystopia - Free Story Read

Included in my short story collection, Mixed Bag: Supersized, this tale is set in the far future when new colonies were sought out for the overflow of earth's population. Check it out on Amazon. Or just read my other stories on Wattpad. Oh, and the entire book is free this week. Jan 19-23.

Mixed Bag 2: Supersized on Amazon  

Table of Contents

Fish Story 

The Vision

Chilpequin 22 Miles 


Heather’s Pain 

The Delegate 

No Deposit, No Return


The Country Faire

Fair’s Fair

If You Could See Her

Ma ‛Yote and Her Cubs


The Cursed Valley

Shasta Lake

Big Bessie’s Place

The Hunter

The Great Writing Competition

A Good, Honest Dog

A Visit to Potter’s Field

Extraordinary Rendition

Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo 



A Grab Bag of Drabbles 

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