Wednesday, January 27, 2021

February is the Free-est Month

February is a short month with only 28 days to cause trouble, watch for groundhog shadows, admire Presidents, find someone to show your love with pretty flowers or fattening chocolates, and wish the State of Oregon a resounding Happy Birthday. And it's also the anniversary...oops, not this year. My hubs and I got married on February 29th, so this is a non-count year. Let's just say we're starting the fifth decade of not killing each other. A definite achievement.

Since so much is happening in such a short month, I have to give gifts. These gifts will cost you nothing and, best of all, cost me nothing. That's write it's a good time to hand out ebooks. 

Here's what's coming up in February. Forewarned, you can be all about getting the free stuff. The titles and background color shows which days which ebooks will be #free on Amazon. Note that "Missing, Assumed Dead" is free only on each Sunday of the month. The audio edition of "Missing, Assumed Dead" will be on sale when you get the ebook. I don't know how much of a sale, but Amazon usually knocks off half or more of the normal audiobook price.

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