Monday, May 02, 2022

Recommended Book Lists - What Authors Read

 Shepherd Books is a site for authors to tout their works, but it adds a bit of pizzazz to it by having each author recommend five books in a category they make up themselves. There are quite a few cross-over lists that are shown after the Author's List so it spreads like kudzu. Book after book is recommended by the authors and they tell you why they liked it. The reviews are brief, so it's not too much of a pain to jump from one list to another browsing for something that appeals to your inner reader.

Here's my page on Shepherd Books and a shot of the first page. I'm promoting my fantasy series, The Witches of Galdorheim. My list's title is "The Best Books that Combine Magic with the Mundane."

Note the paperback (525 pages) is listed on the Shepherd page. The e-book is much less expensive and is also a Kindle Unlimited book, which is free if you subscribe to the KU program.

Here's the first page of the list of my recommended books. Click through to see all my recommendations PLUS a bunch of Closely Related Book Lists, such as "The Best Books of Protagonists Coming of Age While Facing Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges." Whoo. That's a mouthful. You'll find yourself gleefully going down the rabbit hole finding book after book you'd love to read.

Note that all the books featured on Shepherd are available at My books are all there as well: Marva Dasef on

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