Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Steal This Book

Abbie Hoffman had the right idea. It's so establishment to go to a bookstore and buy a book that will mostly profit the publisher and the bookseller. The author is on the bottom of the food chain. His book title suggests what he thinks the potential reader should do: Steal it.

I went to the dark side again and had Lulu publish "Tales of a Texas Boy." The snobs over at Absolute Write would curl their literary lips in disgust. Lulu is a step up from Publish America. It has no pretensions of selectivity. You write it, they'll print it. End of deal.

If you happen to see the book laying around somewhere, by all means, please steal it.

Although, Tales is a darn good read, it doesn't fit any of the molds for major publishing. Short story anthologies get published only if the author is Mr. or Ms. Already Famous. The likelihood of little Eddie finding a print home is zero.

Therefore, I did it myself and it looks very good. The straw that pushed me over the edge was a special for the Published By You distribution package. Marked down from $149 to $50, it was just too good for me to pass up. I've not quite shoved the book off the bank into the river of self-published books. It's still clinging to the Lulu dock. At some point, I'll hit the Approve button and off it will go to Bowker's Books in Print. If it floats, then fine. If it sinks, yanno what? I don't much care. The point was to get the danged book printed up in a nice format for my father. He's 85, he's the little Eddie in the stories, Father's Day is coming up soon. Do the math. Wouldn't you do the same thing?

So, go buy it over at Lulu if you want. I'm not counting on that happening, so you could surprise me big time if you did. I offered everyone the chance to get a cheaper copy and nobody took me up on it, so I hardly expect anybody to buy the higher priced book ($14.95 plus about $2.56 shipping).

I'll say it again: You know what? I don't care.