Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tales of a Texas Boy - Reviewed!

Kimber An at Enduring Romance Reviews posted Tales' first review.

These stories are a fun and fantastic read for any age. Childhood is universal, so kids will totally relate. It also provides a glimpse into Texan life in that time period. I'm sending a copy to my mother and I have no doubt she'll read it out loud to my grandmother. When she does, I hope she remembers to use her best Texas drawl. If your Texas drawl is a little rusty, you might want to watch an old cowboy movie first.

Kimber An - Enduring Romance

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  1. It was a good read, Marva. Way to go!

  2. BTW, how's the weather here in OR? ;-)

  3. Partly cloudy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon with highs in the 60s.

    How's it up in Portland, TC? Probably about the same as here.

  4. 62° now, headed for 72° and partly cloudy. Gordon Smith is not in town, so the pollution index is low. :-)

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