Monday, June 04, 2007

Recap of May Articles

May 1 - Interview with Cadida and Bascoda: Cadida and the Cave Demon

May 4 - Super-powered Hero Fiction: Interview with Robin Reed

May 8 - Pat Wood - Hot Hot Hot!: Interview with author of Lottery

May 11 - One for the Road: Interview with Cocktail Review's Wilga Hill Boomerang

May 15 - Con Man: Interview with Tyree Campbell, Sam's Dot Publishing

May 18 - Picture This: Interview with artists Teri Santitoro and Holly Eddy

May 22 - Resonance: Worldwide Virtual Book Tour with Chris Dolley

May 23 - IM - Do You Really Want to Hit Send: Interview with author Rick Reed

May 29 - Do You Need Some Help? - Interview with freelance (yes, free) editor and mentor maia

May 31 - New Stuff with Me: My publishing update

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