Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Visit these blogs to win

All the "Missing, Assumed Dead" tour blogs are posted. You have a few days to go to each one to leave a comment if you haven't already. A winner for an ebook will be selected by the blog owners for their own blog.

Every person who commented anywhere, including on this blog, will have their name thrown into a virtual hat to select a Grand Prize Winner. Yes, you can win on an individual blog and still win a Grand Prize.

Here are all the blog addresses you can visit all month long to leave a comment. On August 15th, the bloggers will choose their individual winners. They'll send the emails of the winners to me. I'll also collect all the commenter names (and hopefully email addies) for the Grand Prize drawing. I will announce the winner on August 23rd.

So, click away and add a comment to any and all of these fine blogs:

7/29 Teen Word Factory

7/30 Penny Ehrenkranz

7/31 Rosanne Dowell

8/1 Charlotte Volnek

8/2 Barbara Ehrentreu

8/3 Lorrie Struiff

8/4 L.J. Sellers
http://ljsellers.com/wordpress/marva-dasaf  (that's Dasef, but I won't quibble)

8/5 A.M. Roelke

8/6 Lisa Lickel

1 comment:

  1. Seriously, where are you guys?

    Should I add that I'll send Dove's chocolate with the print book?