Saturday, August 13, 2011

MAD Links

Sounds like a game, right? It is kind of and you can play just by doing a little clicking. I'm an Amazon Associate, so I occasionally use the Amazon linking thingie to show my books available on Amazon. They're all in the page with the tab My Books you see above.

Amazon is not the only place carrying my books. Granted, Amazon sells more than any other on-lne store. I wish those other places provided the tools that Amazon does. For example, if I go to the product page of a book, I can tweet it right from the page. Barnes & Noble? Nope, no way to tweet directly. I even have direct Twitter links on all my posts here, along with Facebook, and a bunch of other social media sites.

Let's face it. Amazon does more and does it better. For that reason, if I'm filling out a promo form, I'll always list Amazon right after my publisher's site.

Here's the link/image display to help you get yourself over to Amazon to buy "Missing, Assumed Dead."

However, I encourage you to check out my publisher, MuseItUp. 1) I get more money for each sale direct from the publisher, 2) it supports my publisher so they'll keep publishing my books, 3) you'll find bargain prices that will save you money, and 4) you can discover some writers and books who've not yet crossed your radar.

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