Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The individual winners of a copy of "Missing, Assumed Dead" are:

Charlotte Volnek
Joylene Butler
Sara Benefit
Billi Wagner
Darla Boyle
Marlyn (last name unknown)
Lisa Lickel
J.Q. Rose

Winner of the GRAND PRIZE (all comment writers entered)

Cheryl Carpinello

Cheryl wins:

A copy of "Missing, Assumed Dead" in any ebook format she'd like.

A print copy of any one of my books that are available in paperback (US only, non-US folks will receive an ebook package of several books. US commenters can opt for the ebook package.) See my Published Books page for a list of all the books from which the winner can select.

A $10 gift certificate to buy any books she likes from my publisher MuseItUp Publishing.



  1. To the last point on people giving up paperbacks for ebooks faster than giving up hardbacks for ebooks I think that makes perfect sense. I still want to have hardback copies of certain books, particularly non-fiction, religion and biographies on my shelves. But I have no desire to fill my shelves and take up space with random fiction paperbacks that I would probably have given away when I finished anyway.Miscellaneous

  2. I agree. My bookshelves have plenty of hardbacks that I won't give up, but I think light fiction, summer reads so to speak, are meant for ebooks. Far more environmentally friendly.

    Thanks for stopping by, TRX.