Friday, March 30, 2012

Interview: Millie Fields from Her Heart's Desire

Her Heart’s Desire
by Adriana Ryan
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Today, Millie Fields, the main character of "Her Heart's Desire" has agreed to an interview. I'd like to welcome her to my blog.

Millie Fields

1. Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?

My goodness, no! I’m the shyest person you’ll ever meet. I lost my parents young, and I’ve always been the overweight, weird girl, so … I’m not exactly outgoing. And I didn’t think my life was interesting enough to warrant a story! But then, the whole thing with the pendant happened, and that was that.

2. How did you first meet your writer?

Adriana saw the image of the magic pendant first. Then she thought about the person who’d wear such a necklace, and saw me. She liked how vulnerable I was, and how much I’d stand to gain and lose from wearing a pendant who transformed me so completely. That’s how we got to know each other—I’d tell her bits of the story at a time.

3. Are you currently engaged in a relationship?

Yes. If only you could see me grinning right now! But I can’t tell you if I end up with Braedon or Graham … you’ll have to read the book and see.

4. Did you have any input into the book cover design?

Of course! Adriana was very kind about asking me for my opinion. I didn’t want any sort of “bodice ripper” connotations, because I’d be horrified if anyone I know saw me like that! So C.K. Volnek of MuseItUp Publishing did a very tasteful, pretty cover.

5. What is your least favorite characteristic your writer has attributed to you?

She exposed my tendency to watch Casablanca when I’m depressed for the entire world to see. I was really miffed about that one.

Book Blurb:

Millie Fields’s life could be a Greek tragedy. As if frizzy hair and a dead-end job weren’t enough, the heartthrob of her dreams, Graham Lance, doesn’t even know she exists. The only man in her life these days is her best friend Braedon Hill, who seems to have an endless supply of tissues for her equally endless tears. Ironically, Millie is so blinded by her yearning for Graham that she can’t see Braedon’s heart yearns just as keenly for her.

Things become unbearable for Millie when a cruel twist of fate lands her – literally – at Graham’s feet. Utterly humiliated, she flees outside into the pouring rain, the sound of her coworkers’s contemptuous laughter echoing in her ears. As she sits sobbing on a bench, a stranger appears bearing a gift that will transform Millie’s life: A mysterious necklace that will metamorphose her into a ravishing beauty at dusk. Her newfound identity helps Millie finally land the delicious Graham Lance. But as she gets closer to Graham, her relationship with Braedon starts to disintegrate. Will Millie realize all that Braedon has to offer? Or will she choose to live her dream with Graham?

Author Bio:

Adriana Ryan writes spunky, supernatural women’s fiction in beautiful Charleston, SC. She is currently at work on an urban fantasy series. A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, she enjoys alternately hitting up the outlet malls and historic graveyards. Find her at the following sites:





  1. Thank you for having Millie, Magda! :D She had a blast. ;)

  2. Sounds like a cute read, Millie. Thanks for sharing. I bet I know who she ends up with. lol.

    Keep the writing going strong.

  3. Shopping and graveyards. What an interesting life you have! Best wishes on your new release!