Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Free Kindle Ebook Days


Lots of freebie days in March from my Kindle Collection.

March 18th-20th Mixed Bag

March 20th-22nd Tales of a Texas Boy

March 23rd-25th Quest for the Simurgh


I'm scheduling this post ahead of the 17th (Happy St. Patrick's Day, by the way), but I'm not sure whether the books listed below will actually be free as advertised. The reason is that Amazon thinks that these books are for sale on other sites (sony and kobo) therefore the KDP program doesn't count or something like that. Here's the deal, the first two books are from an earlier edition that were distributed by Smashwords. These specific editions are no longer listed on Smashwords and Amazon is assuming that "Tales of a Texas Boy: Large Print" is the same thing as "Tales of a Texas Boy." They're different books. 95% of the words are the same, but they have different ASINs and/or ISBNs. So, not the same book. Really. But rather than avoid a hassle, I unchecked the automatic renewal on these books in the KDP program and unpublished them. There is no mechanism to remove a book from the program, so that's the best I can do.

In the meantime, Amazon said it would continue to offer the books through KDP (Prime borrowing and free book promos). I certainly can't help what they do. I've done my best to comply, yet Amazon insists on continuing to offer the books in the program even though they say they're not eligible.

So be it, Amazon. The first two books may or may not be free on the dates specified. I won't know until the date arrives. I'll check when I wake up in the morning. If they aren't free, I'll remove them from this post and subsequent posts. Go check on the 17th. If Quest for the Simurgh is free, by all means grab a copy because it may not last long.

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