Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gimme Shelter

Breaking News! Scotch Broom's Release date is April 6th!

After an anxious wait, I've received the cover proof for the 3rd book in the Witches of Galdorheim series. The first two books sport a delightful anime-like girl representing my main character, Katrina the teen witch. Here are all three covers:

I was really expecting to get another view of Kat on the 3rd cover, but CA Kaytalin Platt went in a different direction, or rather she focused on something other than the face. Note the first two covers above have an extended hand. The first book shows a spell light in Kat's palm. The second, Kat is holding a Medusa medallion. Given that focus, Kaytalin decided to continue the theme of the magically endowed hand in the third book's cover.

At first, I was all "Where's the witch girl!?" But I unglued myself from the ceiling and wrote to MuseItUp's Art Director, Delilah Stephans, to get her expert opinion. Was this new cover a good follow-on to the first two books? She decided it was because of the continuity of the hand motif in the cover and that all three covers used the same color palette. I'm still a little leery of the new cover, but it is growing on me.

One thing that stands out on the cover is a charm bracelet. This, of course, is an integral part of the plot of Scotch Broom. I hinted that the bracelet would be a nice addition to the cover several months ago when I filled out the cover art form. That the document we writers attempt to describe our vision of the cover, essential elements of the plot, and make outrageous demands of our long-suffering cover artists.

So, here is it. Scotch Broom complete with the most charming bracelet. If you can't quite make out the figures, here's what they are and what they represent as related to Kat by the gifter, Mordita.


“Hold out your hand,” Mordita ordered. Kat laid the gift packets on a side table and held out her right arm. Mordita grabbed her wrist and Kat felt something slide around it followed by the faint snick of a latch. Mordita let go. “Look closely, and you’ll see the charms on the chain.” Kat examined the bracelet. Five tiny charms hung from it, evenly spaced around the bracelet’s length.

I can’t quite...oh, now I see them. Thanks, Mordita. It’s very, umm, pretty.”

“Fiddlesticks. These are useful charms. They’re not meant to be just decorative.” Mordita held up Kat’s wrist and poked one of the charms. It squealed. Kat jumped. “Shush, you silly thing,” Mordita said. “This little piggie provides food where none is to be found. Nutritious food, that is, so don’t be hoping for candy.”

“Oh. That’s handy.” Kat peered closer at the pig charm. It looked back at her and winked. She grinned. What a great charm, she thought, and charming, too.

Mordita poked at another charm, and Kat heard a muffled purring sound. “This little kitty finds a warm place for you to stay. Nothing fancy, just basic shelter.”

Mordita stroked the next charm, and a muted honk came from the tiny goose. “Early warning system. Activate it when you want protection from unpleasant surprises.”

Kat laughed. “I might need that the second I put foot in Great Britain. It’s all new to me.”

Poke. Whinny. “This pony will bring transportation, for example, a cab in London. The drivers would as soon run you over as pick you up.”

“Cab? I don’t know— Is that a vehicle you can hire to take you places?”

“Indeed. Now, use this last one only in case of dire emergency.” Mordita pointed at the charm but didn’t touch it. “Best let sleeping ogres lie. You’d better have a desperate need for an eight-foot tall, five-hundred pound, angry ogre.”

Kat gave the charm a dubious look. “Will it attack me?”

“Of course not. I imprinted your personality on all the charms. They will serve you and only you. Of course, you must have the bracelet on for the charms to work.”

“This is a great gift, Mordita. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Not at all. Hopefully, you won’t have any need of the ogre.”

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  1. I am so waiting for this book to be released. Marva, how do you think up these spells, charms, stories? Wonderful as usual.