Sunday, February 07, 2016

Preview - First Duty

I wrote "First Duty" long ago. It was published as a paperback by the (now departed) Sam's Dot Publishing. Ebooks weren't a big thing back then, so I self-pubbed the digital version and cobbled up a cover from some free template. Since that time, digital publishing has improved and so have my covers. A few years later, I decided to build on the "First Duty" basic plot and characters to make it fit for the SFR audience. 

That meant adding a few sex scenes. I also added more action, fights, and drama. This became "Ultimate Duty." This book was published by Eternal Press. It's now Damnation Press and still refuses to take UD out of service although the contract has long since expired and I've written the publisher lots of times telling her she no longer had rights to the book. So, back to self-pubbing.

I didn't want to dump "First Duty," though, because it was nice and clean for the younger audience and people who just don't care to read anatomical discussions of human and alien mating habits. I still like this book, so I'm keeping it around. It's the first book of mine to be published by a 'real' publisher (or almost the first), so I sure can't just dump it. That'd be mean to my original kick-ass redhead heroine, Nyra Hutchings. Her new name in the R-rated "Ultimate Duty" is Remy Belieux. I like her just as much as Nyra because, after all, they are the same character. I like her by both names.

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