Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Think I Am, I Think I Am

Addition after the fact: I have a confirmed acceptance of Cadida and the Djinn.

Sounds something like the "Little Engine Who Could." That is, I believe I've got an acceptance for at least one of my fantasy stories about Cadida and her weirdo djinn, Bascoda.

Yes, this story was published on Scribal Tales (see link to left), but it also went to Sam's Dot publishing. I didn't hear back from them so assumed it was dead and sent the story to Scribal Tales, where Dan Olarnick snapped it up with glee.

Then, Tyree Campbell of Sam's Dot sent me a note saying the story was too long for their ezine KidVisions, but he might want to publish it as a chapbook. Totally, Dude (as Crush the Turtle would say). I emailed back that the story was already printed in Scribal, but that Dan would release it and take it out of archives if needed. Nice guy, Dan.

Then, nothing, nothing, nothing. I decided to take a flyer and sent the second two Cadida stories to Tyree.

Amazingly, yesterday I heard from him again. His wording suggests that the first story will be published and the second two also if he likes them. He said he didn't receive them previously. That's fine. So, I sent them off again.

So, what's a chapbook? Essentially, it's a very short book of around 20 pages. My stories run about 5000 words, so I'm dividing by the standard 250 for that number. These little books are sold at Sam's Dot and a few other sites for around five bucks each. How much do I get? I haven't a clue, but I'm sure it won't be a lot.

Okay, long article, but if even one of the stories is printed it would be very neat. If they take all three, then that's a big woo hoo!


  1. e-book formats are around 35-40% royalties as opposed to 6-10% for printed work.

    Hope that gives you some idea.


  2. Thanks, M.E.

    I hope I'd get as much as 6-10%. I've looked at all the publisher info, but they talk about everything except the deal on chapbooks. We'll see.