Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hi, readers. If you're male then be sure to get your PSA levels tested when you go for the cholesterol etc. testing.

Young guys, go ahead and ask your doctor about a baseline PSA.

My concern comes from my dearest husband's recent diagnosis with prostate cancer.

Now, this is the slowest growing and most prevalent cancer among males. I'm not overly concerned about his future since it was caught early and will most likely have a good outcome.

Still, just as women are constantly barraged with the ads to get breast exams, you guys don't play the macho game or the embarrassed game or any other kind of game. Suck it up, fellas and get the old digital exam and PSA test.

Your embarrassment or hesitation is not worth the possiblities.

Nuff said. I hope.


  1. Excellent advice, Marva. Mine was discovered too late to be of little concern.

  2. I hope you mean that it won't give you any problems since this type of cancer is so slow-moving.

    My best wishes and hopes for you.

    I also hope that it turns out not too bad for my husband. Damn it! I wanted him slaving for another few years. You can't good help these days.

  3. I meant: You can't GET good help these days. Why can't I edit my own posts?

  4. There is varying aggressiveness in prostate cancer, measured by the Gleason test. Yes, some develop very slowyly, and can be monitored over long periods of time. Mine, unfortunately, is more aggressive, and consensus was that it had migrated out of the prostate, surgery no longer an option. My PSA was 45.

    Any man over forty who doesn't establish a baseline PSA, then continue monitoring it on a regular basis, is as big a fool as I am. It's only a blood test.

  5. Good advice. I hope your husband has found it early enough....