Monday, May 15, 2006

Writers Post Journal Now on Sale

The June issue, which contains my story "The Cattle Drive," is now for sale on the LBF books website. It's $9.00 a copy. I know, I know. That's a lot of money to spend. But, sometime within the next month or so a PDF downloadable version of the magazine will be available for only $4.00. Am I worth that much? If nothing else, you can go there to see the cover art.

Another writer from Wordsmiths, Swimfishyswim, also has a story in the June issue, so maybe a two-fer will get you excited. Her/His/Its story is titled "Do You Remember." Congrats to Swim for the acceptance. She/He/It also has a story in the WPJ May issue titled "One Last Kiss."

Ah, well. The link to the purchase site is on the left under Published if you're interested. They also have a lot of books for sale there (LBF is the parent company of WPJ and is a small publisher).


  1. Hehe. I'm a she.

  2. Got it! I didn't want to make any assumptions as I just found that I'd been referring in emails to a publisher as "Ms" and it turns out HE is no lady!

    I sent an apologetic email saying I was sorry I was trying to change his gender.

  3. oo ouch! the one person that i've been in contact with is named Teresa, so thankfully i haven't had an asexual name yet. :)

  4. Teresa Tunaley, I assume. She's my contact at WPJ as well. I also see her artwork showing up all over the place, especially on fantasy/scifi sites.

    Have you visited her website?

  5. yup, it's her!

    no i haven't, but i googled her name and a whole bunch of cool stuff came up. I'll go look at her site now.