Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hate(ful) Mail

Over the past several weeks, I've gotten emails from a variety of different names, but they all say essentially the same thing. That is, that everybody at my workplace is talking behind my back about how fat I am. This talk just disgusts the emailer and they want to recommend a product that will help me out. After I buy this product and (supposedly) lose a ton of weight, then I can thank the writer by taking them out to lunch.

Most are worded exactly the same way, however, a couple decided to up the ante and rewrote the basic message but pretty much spewing curse words throughout. Now, I've been know to say a few myself, but these were a bit over the top.

At the bottom of each email is a web address. Every email has a different web address. I have to assume that these pathetic people are trying to make a buck through lies and deceit. Well, what else in new in the world of web entrepreneurs?

What gets me about these emails is how they might affect somebody who is obese (I'm not) and in a workplace rife with backstabbers. To me, these emails come down to being hate mail. It would be nice to grab these freaks by the neck and ask them what their mother would think about what they're doing.

Unfortunately, they are safely off in the internet ozone. I can only register my disgust of their tactics by writing this blog entry.

This is almost as creepy as the Nigerian scam, or the dying woman who wants me to take her money to use for Christian good works because her family is a bunch of money-grubbing pagans (or something to that effect).

Ain't email fun?

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  1. Well, that's just awful, Marva.

    Pop over to my blog for some fun! We're Cyber-Launching Gwyneth Bolton's new book today!