Friday, November 02, 2007

Doin' the NaNo Shuffle

Okay, okay. I couldn't resist at least giving it another shot this year. Day 2 and I've got 4700 words, which is decent although not heating up the computer capacity.

As long as I continue in Nano, posts will be infrequent and possibly show a picture of me hanging myself.

I have one thing that may do me in. My beloved cat, Cornelius, is dying. He's got a huge tumor in his belly, which cannot be removed. Since he was hacked open only to discover there was nothing the vet can do, he's been in pretty good shape. He lost a ton of weight (for a little cat) and has been eating constantly. Of course, we've catered to him. Today, he decided food wasn't too appetizing. When he moves, he wobbles a bit and is breathing hard. He likes to sit on my lap when I'm at the computer--his way of getting maximum attention--and his purr was raspy and harsh. I've been periodically crying today. I know he may die as early as tonight. He's that bad off. Not in pain, but clearly he's not well. Here's a picture of him in a typical Cornie pose.


  1. Hey Marva - FJ calling!

    Sorry the cat is not well. I've got an old pushkin myself and dread the day of departure. Glad he's getting all that attention though - sort of sweetens the pill for you both! Best wishes, FJ

  2. I may try that November thing next year - missed it this time around. Good luck with your effort!


  3. so very cute, sorry he's not doing well. coincidentally i wrote a 3-day novel right after one of my cats was killed by a car. it was very hard not to just write about the cat. i dedicated the book to him.