Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pat Wood's LOTTERY Nominated

First-time authors find favour on Orange longlist

Lindesay Irvine
Tuesday March 18, 2008

Debut novelists make a strong showing once more in this year's Orange prize longlist, announced today, squeezing out two much-praised novels by established authors.

Seven of the 20 books which make the list are by first-time authors, with Anita Amirrezvani, Sadie Jones, Lauren Liebenberg, Heather O'Neill, Dalia Sofer, Carol Topolski and Patricia Wood nominated for debut novels.

The broadcaster Kirsty Lang, this year's chair of the judges, suggested that the list struck a good balance between first novels and writers who "haven't perhaps had the recognition they deserved."

Why am I mentioning this? I'm proud to say I interviewed Pat just about the time that "Lottery" was published, maybe a bit before. It really pleases me to find accolades for writers I know, even if only through the Cybernet.

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  1. Thanks for the congrats!
    I had no idea I was even nominated and then when I saw the long list and realized my book was on it I was blown away.
    Thanks a lot for your support. This online writing network is awesome.
    much aloha!
    Patricia Wood

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Patricia!!!!! You deserve all of this and more! I can't wait for the film ;]