Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amazon Sales Rank

You may or may not know that the Amazon sales ranking is formulated from various arcane number, positions, sales, competition in similar categories, and examining the entrails of small sacrificial animals.

There's another number plastered on an author's book. I'm not sure at what point it appears. Maybe when a search by category puts the book on the first page of the results list. Anyway, I posted a while back when I toyed with the search categories to find combination which made my book #1. I was just joking around about that.

However, today I got an actual, real, genuine number. My book "Tales of a Texas Boy - Large Print" was ranked #6 in the category Books/Large Print/Fiction and Literature.

My book right up there under John Grisham's in a very big grouping. Wow! I'm impressing even myself.

Of course, it will drop rapidly, but it was nice to have a little spurt of sales that legitimately put me on a best seller list.

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  1. Congrats Marva. I hope it isn't as hard as figuring out Technorati rankings. :-)


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