Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miracle of Discounting

Tales of a Texas Boy - Trade Paperback Edition

Through the Miracle of Amazon's Megalithic Corporate Presence, Tales is now offered at a miserly $9.86 on Amazon. Buy something else and toss in a copy of Tales to get that free shipping on $25 or more.

How did this happen? I caved in, that's how. I took my files and trotted (in cyber terms, I clicked) over to Amazon's book printer, CreateSpace, and made up a new edition. This edition is only sold on Amazon. Because the book is printed by Amazon facilities, no shipping is involved in getting a copy from somewhere else, thereby eliminating the additional shipping and allowing Amazon to take less on their share.

I can't even sell the book at this price unless I did add something on for shipping. So, I'm not going to sell this direct from my website any longer. The LARGE PRINT edition is still a better price from my website at $12.95, which includes shipping.

If you don't like Amazon, then the book is also available through Barnes and Noble. Or send me an email on my Contact page of my website: and we'll work a deal. You can also order the Large Print edition directly from me.

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