Sunday, September 21, 2008

Article by Bryan Catherman

My friend, Bryan Catherman, is a writer. He's found his niche in non-fiction. This article appears in the current (Summer) issue of the November 3rd Club on-line magazine. It presents political articles and stories from all points of view.

When a Republican Goes to War - by Bryan Catherman
Bryan Catherman was a moderate-Republican who went to war. Now, after looking into the eyes of the Republican agenda, he’s found himself moving left. He’s previously published nonfiction articles with The Salt Lake Realtor, Burnside Writer's Collective and Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine. His fiction has appeared online, in print, and even as a professionally recorded audio short-story. He contributed a chapter to the book Letters From the Front Lines: Iraq and Afghanistan, and has recently contributed to a book forthcoming from Tyndale House Publishers. In addition, KUER, a National Public Radio affiliate, recently recorded and aired an editorial he wrote about the Veteran's Affairs Mental Health

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