Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fleeting Fame

It was cool to notice that one of my "Tales of a Texas Boy" editions got #1 on the Amazon list of Books/Large Print/Short Stories and Poetry. As I write this, it's still up at #5. At the same time, my other Large Print edition (yes, there are two) was ranked at #6 on Books/Large Print/Lit and Fiction.

Having two of my editions high on the ranking search lists at the same time makes me feel like J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. Hey, I got my rankings not from being a "you must read this or you will die" popularity, but from the good old public finding my book and thinking it would be okay to buy a copy or two.

Not having any big publicity and advance buzz, I'm satisfied with this. People will find Tales and they'll enjoy reading it. I know this like I know the sun will rise tomorrow. Heck, I'm so sure of this, I'll refund your purchase price if you buy Tales and don't like it. Just leave me a comment or email me at You want to read it and get your money back even if you liked it? I'm cool with that. After all, I don't have to live in your head, just my own.

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