Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Happy Reader Speaks

First Duty - available at The Genre Mall.

Al Past, author of the Distant Cousin Series, read my little scifi book, "First Duty" and sent me a mini review. It's nice when somebody likes a book enough to tell the author. Thanks, Al!

Nyra Hutchings, ambitious daughter of low-level working-class parents on a dead end mining planet, manages to join the Space Service, the military arm of IncPlan, the all-controlling governing entity of the 23-planet federation. It doesn't take her long to realize the authoritarian nature of the regime, and to learn of active bodies of resisters determined to overthrow it. As she awakens to her people's bleak plight, her sympathy for the rebels grows until she finally joins them. The conclusion of this slightly young adult novel leaves plenty room for sequels, as the struggle is only beginning.

Those young people who enjoy science fiction, especially the sort with implications for today's society, should enjoy this story, and perhaps be eager for further developments.

Al Past
Author of the Distant Cousin series

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