Friday, January 08, 2010

How I Got My Agent 9

By Laura B. Diamond

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We met five years ago, quite by accident. During an internet search, I came across a website detailing a group of “exclusive agents” who had completed their training and were ready to find their one and only client.

The way it worked was: My agent had signed up with a manager or “handler” who promised to develop a personalized publicity and marketing plan. Potential clients could review said profile on the handler’s website and contact her if they felt they would be a good fit.

Needless to say, the process was daunting. My agent had found such a conscientious handler that she did not allow immediate contact with her agents. That’s right. Before she even let potential clients meet with an agent, the manager required an initial contact request via e-mail to be sent to her. This was followed by a phone interview where she collected standard information for background checking. Then if, and only if, those two communications went well, she scheduled a face to face—and observed!—interview with one of her agents.

Lucky me, I passed the first two steps, no problem! The handler invited me for an interview and I accepted. So, I drove five hours to Extreme Eastern New York, USA and had my initial interview with my dream agent. Boy, was I nervous! I wondered if she’d like me, if we’d get along, and if we’d have the same “vision” for my work.

Well, as soon as my agent and I met, it was an obvious match. We had the same playful attitude, the same interests and hobbies, and we even liked the same TV shows! She completely loved my manuscript and supports me 100%.

We signed a contract on the spot. Five years later, I have no regrets.

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    Thanks for the "feature," Marva. This is a GREAT series. Looking forward to more. :)

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