Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Werewolves: Yes, They ARE Hunky Guys

PhotobucketThe most well-known werecritter is the werewolf. At this time in the cycle of what’s hot, what’s not, werewolves are getting great press via the Twilight books and movies by Stephenie Meyer.

I have to admit it. Werewolves can be totally sexy guys (gals) in human form. Meyer finally got one legendary being right. Well, she agrees with my concept, which I used before I read any of the Meyer saga. To tell the truth, I still haven’t read any of the books, because the first movie put such a bad taste in my mouth. OMG, Edward loves Bella because she SMELLS good?!?!? Gimme a break.

Anyway, I have a six-pack of werewolves in the first book of the Witches of Galdorheim series. Here’s a taste (ha ha, get it?) of my werewolf mashup.

From: Bad Spelling

Rune joined them. “Are we going to stand around here all day? Where’s that alternative transportation you told us about?”

Andy tore his gaze from Katya and scanned the slope. “There it is.”

Katya looked where Andy pointed and gasped. “What . . .?”

“Don’t worry. They won’t hurt us,” Andy said with a confidence Katya didn’t quite trust.

“But werewolves?” There was no mistaking them for regular wolves. Besides being twice the size of the largest of the wolves, the eyes gave them away. Even from a distance, Katya could see them gleaming with intelligence.

“Look behind them,” Andy said.

The big wolves loped along easily, and now Katya saw they were harnessed to a sled, bouncing along behind them. The speed with which they approached told her they would have no problem pulling a heavy load.

The wolves came up the slope and stopped in front of them. The lead werewolf looked at each of them with some interest. Katya felt like an item on a menu, like when they faced the polar bear.

The lead wolf said, “Good morning. Hmm. Humans, not trolls. Interesting.” The wolf looked over his shoulder at the others. “Remember, King Olaf hired us to deliver these people to where they want to go. You are not to eat them.” The other wolves nodded, but their long tongues hanging over gleaming, razor-sharp teeth was not a reassuring sight; their mouths dripped saliva in a most disconcerting manner.

The lead werewolf turned his pale yellow eyes back to Andy. “So, where are we going?”

Andy briefly explained what they wanted. The werewolf nodded and said, “If I understand correctly, we are looking for the Sami tribe. Do you realize they’re nomadic?”

“Sort of. All I know for certain is that they spend much of their time on the northern coast.” Andy glanced at Katya. “Anything else?” She shook her head.

The wolf stared at Andy for a moment, then said, “Well, come closer so I can smell you. The girl, too.”

Katya hung back. “Why do you want to–? Oh, I understand. You can find the Samis through our scent.”

“Very good, young lady,” the werewolf answered and sniffed at her outstretched hand. He licked it once, and Katya jerked her hand back. “Taste helps, too,” the werewolf answered, with a hint of humor in his gruff voice.


  1. I like werewolves too! I've read a few books on them now, and I think they might be better than vamps. Great snippet, too, BTW. :)

  2. Love to read about werewolves. I really need to pick up BS and read it again. I'll have to borrow a copy from Brandy or Jaymes.

    Twilight - yeah, the whole smell thing was ridiculous, but what about the stalker thing? lol Somebody hangs out in my room every night and just sits there staring? Yeah. CREEPER. Mhm. I'm calling the cops, not "falling in love." ha!

  3. Think of it thus: Lycans/aka skinwalkers are natural creatures. hey live normal lives during the day, and good or bad they are natural beings. Vamps, are evil undead demons. As far as the twilight series is concerned, who wants to kiss a freakin corpse?

    You don't fall in love with a vamp, you are seduced and hypnotized by them. Conversely, if a skinwalker was real, you would be drawn to them because of their animalistic, feral nature when they were in human form.

  4. It appears we're all of like mind here.

    Give us our weredudes!

    I had a story (published!) with a centaur who changed into a werewolf at night. Gotcher animal magnetism 24/7.

    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Actully Oops, skinwalkers are evil sorceors in the Native American world and take wolf, coyote, bear and cougar forms, not just wolves.

    Werewolves and other shapeshifters all over the world all have different ways they become this. As Pamela K. Kinney, I write werewolves in horror short stories that have been published and under my pseudonym, Sapphire Phelan, differently in erotic paranormal romance.

    Like to learn more about the Werewolf as folklore and myths put them, my blog had it for Supernatural Friday March 19th and today, March 26th.

  6. Thanks, Pamela. Your blog reminded me of this more tongue-in-cheek take on Weres I posted a year ago.