Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazon Ebook Prices

In case you weren't aware, Amazon has changed its royalty method for ebooks. Previously, the minimum book price was 99 cents. I set my ebook prices at that point to encourage folks to at least get the sample (a handy feature if you're not sure you want to waste a buck).

Author/publishers can still set a 99 cent price point, but the royalty rate continues to be the miserly 35%.

If the author/publisher sets the price between $2.99 and $9.99, the royalty goes up to 70%. Hoorah, you might say, for the authors. However, what Amazon is doing is legal price fixing. What sane author wouldn't prefer the 70% royalty. Most authors are raising their price to that minimum $2.99. Me included.

Today is the last day to buy my ebooks for 99 cents each. Get 'em while they're cheap!

YA SciFi First Duty
YA Fantasy Quest for the Simurgh
MG Adventure Eagle Quest
Humorous Texiana Tales of a Texas Boy

I will reset the prices on 8/1 to $2.99. The 99 cents price will continue for a day or two after while Amazon updates its database.

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