Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smashwords Coupons

Alas, the Smashwords' storewide half-off coupon SWS50 ended up giving a smaller discount on my books.

I'm not blaming Smashwords because the coupon generator captured the price at the time it was generated. I'd set my prices to $2.99 to match the new Amazon price paradigm (70% royalty on books priced between $2.99 and $9.99).

Then, I thought why not keep my books priced at .99 until the end of July? Give people a last chance sale price?

So, I trotted back over to Smashwords and reset my book prices to $1.99, so that the 50% coupon would give the same .99 on both sites.

Oops. The Smashwords coupon price was set in stone. 50% off $2.99 made the sale price $1.50.

I apologize to those fine folk who used the SWS50 coupon in good faith and didn't get the promised discount. I'm relatively certain I a few folks tried the coupon and, upon seeing the incorrect price, cancelled their purchase. To those people I also apologize.

To make up for it, the coupon codes for FREE copies until 8/23/2010 (my birthday) are as follows:

First Duty Coupon VA49Y

Eagle Quest Coupon FV46X

Quest for the Simurgh Coupon YH59B

Tales of a Texas Boy Coupon MV32C

Again, my apologies for the screwup.

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