Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Issue of Lorelei Signal On-Line

I've had a long and wonderful relationship with Lorelei Signal and its sister 'zine Sorcerous Signals.

The July-September issue just came on-line. Enjoy "Poor Little Rich Girl" along with a whole raft of other great fantasy stories.

Art by Holly Eddy.

Read and vote for your favorites (say, my story?).


  1. Hello. I came here following links from your story Poor Little Rich Girl. I like Cadida, she's cute and funny and she has spunk. And some kindness which is important. I'd like to read some of her other adventures too.

  2. Thanks! I think I found you on Facebook, Bamika. I can certainly send you more of the Cadida stories if you'd like.

    There is an illustrated book of them available at The Genre Mall.

  3. I'm economizing this month, until the 22nd, because I've moved into a new place and I have to make sure I can pay the rent and bills, then work out if anything is left over. I'll see if I can afford it after that, although, I think it's definitely ebook preferred at the moment!

  4. Alas, Bamika, no ebook of all the stories, but I can certainly send you them privately for your reading pleasure.

  5. *smiles shyly* I'd love that. Thank you.

  6. Send me your email address to