Tuesday, January 20, 2015


UPDATE NOTE: If you have bought the Kindle ebook at anytime in the past, you can now buy the audiobook for $1.99. Now, would it kill you to buy the ebook and the audiobook? $2.99 + $1.99 = $4.98. You probably spent that on a latte this morning.

(((((((( grrrr )))))))))

My last post told readers about the special prices on my audio books--$1.99 per book. I posted the same information on a Goodreads forum. A couple of nice folks said they'd love to have the books, but the price shown for the books was full freight--$14.95 per book. What can I say? These are screen shots I took today of the books shown on Audible.com. Note the Special Price: $1.99 on every book. Why, then, were folks charged $14.95 on the book when selected?

I think the answer might be that the $1.99 is the price if a person already owns the ebook. I need somebody with the Kindle ebook of any of these to test it and see what price comes up on their order. You can cancel the order before it goes through. I just want to know.

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