Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Preview Books from a Link

Amazon has added a feature for authors (or anybody who wants to use it) on the product pages of books. An Embed option gets the link or a full HTML display of a book's preview and you don't have to download a file to your ereader to look at it. It appears much like the Look Inside feature on a book's product page. Well, easier to show than tell, so click the following link to see the preview of one of my books. It's really rather cool. The rest of my book preview links are below the cover on this post.

Here's the book cover just for a graphic on this post.

Teen Fantasy
Science Fiction
First Duty (YA)
Ultimate Duty (Adult) 
Mixed Bag II (Adult) 
Mixed Bag (Kid friendly stories from Mixed Bag II) 
Fish Story Sampler (3 stories from Mixed Bag II)

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