Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Xena - My Hero

Remember Xena Warrior Princess? 1995 was long, long ago and far, far away. Recently, I was reminded of Xena in some conversations. For you those of you who might be fans or never had the chance to see the series, it's available at Netflix. This picture is how I think of her. Bad to the gone and a total hero. I wish I was a quarter the woman she was. Yes, I'm fangirling here. Be a hero, not a victim. Good advice from Nora Ephron.

Most of my books have a strong female protagonist. Every single one has some Xena in her: Kat, Nyra, Remy, Kam. All of them warriors. Now, back to my binge-watching the Xena series. Oh, one last thing: big thanks to Lucy Lawless for bringing Xena to our TV screens. Thanks to Sam Raimi for having the guts to make a series about a kick-ass woman back when most of the heroes were men.

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