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The CEO Came DOA - New Alvarez Family Mystery

NEW Alvarez Family Mystery!

I had the privilege of reading an Advanced Reader Copy of the latest in this series. I've read them all and enjoyed every one. This book can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $3.99 or the print edition is available immediately. Following this brief description, read my review of the CEO Came DOA. It will be posted on Amazon on September 1st--the book's release date.

Print Edition
The CEO Came DOA (Alvarez Family Mysteries #5)Someone is trying to sabotage the Initial Public Offering of 'Read-Out', a small Silicon Valley start-up, and Lee Alvarez has been hired to find the culprit. Meanwhile, the first Alvarez grandchild is about to be born while Lee is planning her very own Christmas wedding; or rather letting her mother plan it. When Lee finds the CEO hanging by the neck in his boardroom wearing nothing but baby blue boxer shorts, she has to ask herself, was it suicide? Or was it murder? If so, was the saboteur responsible, one of his business partners, or even his famous rock star ex-wife? There are too many suspects and the bodies start piling up just in time for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho


The CEO Came DOA by Heather Haven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This fifth book in the Alvarez Family series should come with stock options for readers to get in on the ground floor. The previous Alvarez novels are top notch woman sleuth reads and I've enjoyed every one of them.

How is The "The CEO Came DOA" better than the rest? It's a matter of the series' style increasingly getting better with each book. It's clear that Ms. Haven is pretty much taking on the Lee Alvarez persona in both narrative and dialogue. Practice makes perfect.

I particularly enjoyed this one with its Silicon Valley setting. I'm familiar with the area and history of the high tech breeding grounds. Even though I haven't been there for many years, the book rings true to what I do know. I love when a book sounds like the author actually knows what they're talking about. That's the feel I have here. Lee is less than a computer genius, relying on her techie brother for that sort of thing, but she knows enough to figure out the whodunnit and why.

There's some excellent action in here as well. A scene on a sailboat in the middle of the night tensed my muscles as Lee Alvarez fought for her life. The feisty PI could have stayed ashore, but just couldn't let it alone.

I can not only highly recommend "The CEO Came DOA," but also give the overall series my highest rating. Not many books hit my 5-star mark. Ms. Haven has earned top marks by consistently producing book after book in a really fun and exciting series. Her characters are engaging and the plots suitably diverse to keep a reader's interest.

My general complaint about the Alvarez series has been too much focus on haute couture. There's still a little more than this blue jeans gal likes, but I've even gotten over my completely adverse reaction to high fashion. Hey, it's just part of the Alvarez family mystique. Wear those Pradas with pride, Lee. You know when to kick them off to run down the bad guys.

Highly recommended.

I was given an advance release copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Marva, thank you for your generous words. I will try to live up to them. I love writing this series, so having readers enjoy the book gives me double pleasure!