Thursday, December 22, 2016

You Can Still Get the Paperback for Christmas

Are you a last minute shopper? Enjoy the pressure? What are you waiting for? Your time has just about run  out. You can STILL get a copy of Tales of a Texas Boy by Christmas. Here. I'll make it easy for you with the click the button below or here's the URL to order your copy now. Don't believe the "usually ships in five days" deal. They have some copies on hand in the warehouses.

How do you handle a crazy jackass? Eddie knows. If you ask Eddie, he'll tell you pigs can fly and show you where to find real mammoth bones. Take his word for it when he tells you always to bet on the bear. These are things he learned while dreaming of becoming a cowboy in West Texas during the Depression. Through Eddie, the hero of "Tales of a Texas Boy," we find that growing up is less about maturity and more about roping your dreams. Hold on tight. It's a bumpy ride. A wonderful read for anyone who enjoys books like "Little House on the Prairie" or "Tom Sawyer." A great bit of nostalgia for seniors, too.

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