Sunday, June 03, 2018

Audio Book Sample - Tales of a Texas Boy

Dads. Don't forget they have a day of their own coming up in June. The 17th to be exact. Here's a great way to be nice to the old guy, especially if he's a really old guy. Say 80 or 90. Well, younger dads might also like this set of stories based on my own dad's childhood growing up in West Texas.

It's still not too late to buy the Large Print paperback at Amazon. So you're a couple of days late with the Fathers' Day gift. No problem. Your dad will probably be surprised you remembered him at all. Poor dads. They always get edged out after Mothers Day.

How about a sample of the audio book? It's available at Amazon,, and iTunes.

So, here are the links for  Tales of a Texas Boy.

Tales of a Texas Boy is available in Large Print on Amazon. It's in ebook format format on Amazon. And if your father has vision issues beyond the help of large print (as my father did), the audio book is available at Note that the audio book is only $1.99 if you buy at Amazon.

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